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Enzovoort BV – NL salespartner Milliken | Wilp (GLD) | 085 488 47 64



A rich and diverse community once known for its traditional craft-making skills. A secret village of passageways and ancient buildings, with a history of political intrigue twisting around every corner.

A place re-energised and transformed into one of the most important design hubs in the world. Clerkenwell, a place where things happen and people get inspired.

De Clerkenwell Collectie bestaat uit de volgende designs:

  • Angled  Walk
  • Ely Place
  • Three Corners
  • Travelling Line
  • Triangular Path
  • Circle Top View
  • Watch Making
  • Time Piece

Alle designs zijn te combineren, de ontwerpen bestaan telkens uit 16 verschillende tegels die random verpakt worden.